Postponement of ALL FIPS-M Championships 2020 until 2021

Official Statement concerning the postponement of all FIPS-M Championships 2020 until 2021

Luxembourg, 2nd April 2020

Dear Presidents,
Dear Secretaries,
Dear friends,

The Covid-19 pandemic paralyzed economics, social contacts and exchanges worldwide and forced governments to take exceptional but absolutely necessary measures. Many major sporting events like e.g. the Summer Olympics, major tennis tournaments, cycling races and many other events have been postponed until next year.

At this time, no one can predict the course of the disease in the world and the general end of this scourge. The time and procedure for the gradual resumption of a normal situation with known habits and freedoms, for example to work, exchange or travel are uncertain.

Faced with these uncertainties, the National Federations, organizers of the World Championships this year, find themselves unable to organize championships in correct conditions and without risks. Similarly, the other Federations hesitate to register their national teams, not to mention the participants who do not want, or cannot, take financial or health risks for themselves or their relatives.

The health of everyone must be our first priority and I refer to the words of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. António Guterres, who said that the Covid-19 pandemic was the greatest challenge since the Second World War and that only the solidarity that will make it possible to overcome this virus. So, it’s only together and united that we can look to the future.

All these facts and reflections have brought the FIPS-M Board to make the difficult decision, to postpone ALL the 2020 Championships by one year, to 2021.

The FIPS-M international calendar will be moved by one year.

The secretary will contact all the 2020 organizers to discuss the feasibility of this arrangement.

While thanking you for your understanding, the FIPS-M Board wishes you much courage in this difficult situation. Let us gather our strengths and our energies for the resumption of our activities in 2021. Stay everyone in good health!

Gilbert Zangerlé
President FIPS-M