Official statement concerning the Youth Championships 2021 (U16 and U21)

Luxembourg 7th April 2020

Due to the exceptional conditions that we are currently experiencing require exceptional measures and decisions on the part of everyone.

The FIPS-M has decided to postpone all the Championships from 2020 until 2021.

One consequence is as follows.

It may be that a young angler who has been selected to participate in a World Championship (U16 or U21) in 2020 no longer fulfills the age conditions in 2021. It is obvious that for this young angler it will be a great disappointment to no longer be able to participate in his team. On the other hand, some small federations might have problems replacing this angler with another.

FIPS-M Board have therefore taken the following exceptional decision:

For the 2021 Youth (U16 and U21) Championships, anglers who fulfilled the age conditions in 2020 will be accepted.

Best regards and stay healthy.

Gilbert Zangerlé
President   FIPS-M

Postponement of ALL FIPS-M Championships 2020 until 2021

Official Statement concerning the postponement of all FIPS-M Championships 2020 until 2021

Luxembourg, 2nd April 2020

Dear Presidents,
Dear Secretaries,
Dear friends,

The Covid-19 pandemic paralyzed economics, social contacts and exchanges worldwide and forced governments to take exceptional but absolutely necessary measures. Many major sporting events like e.g. the Summer Olympics, major tennis tournaments, cycling races and many other events have been postponed until next year.

At this time, no one can predict the course of the disease in the world and the general end of this scourge. The time and procedure for the gradual resumption of a normal situation with known habits and freedoms, for example to work, exchange or travel are uncertain.

Faced with these uncertainties, the National Federations, organizers of the World Championships this year, find themselves unable to organize championships in correct conditions and without risks. Similarly, the other Federations hesitate to register their national teams, not to mention the participants who do not want, or cannot, take financial or health risks for themselves or their relatives.

The health of everyone must be our first priority and I refer to the words of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. António Guterres, who said that the Covid-19 pandemic was the greatest challenge since the Second World War and that only the solidarity that will make it possible to overcome this virus. So, it’s only together and united that we can look to the future.

All these facts and reflections have brought the FIPS-M Board to make the difficult decision, to postpone ALL the 2020 Championships by one year, to 2021.

The FIPS-M international calendar will be moved by one year.

The secretary will contact all the 2020 organizers to discuss the feasibility of this arrangement.

While thanking you for your understanding, the FIPS-M Board wishes you much courage in this difficult situation. Let us gather our strengths and our energies for the resumption of our activities in 2021. Stay everyone in good health!

Gilbert Zangerlé
President FIPS-M

C.I.P.S. / F.I.P.S. - M
International Tournament Calendar


1. World Championships Boat Angling (Seniors)

  • 2021 MONTENEGRO - 56th World Championship 9th till 16th October 2021 at Bijela - Herceg Novi

  • 2022 PORTUGAL - 57th World Championship


2. World Championships Boatangling Youth U21 (16 to 21 years)

  • 2021 SLOVENIA - 20th World Championship from 6th till 13th November 2021 in Piran

  • 2022 PORTUGAL - 21th World Championship


3. Worldchampionships Boat Angling Clubs

  • 2021 SPAIN - 13th World Championship Boat Angling Clubs from 28th August till 4th September 2021 at Puerto de Salinas, in San Esteban de Pravia (Asturies)

  • *** 2022 CANDIDATE MONTENEGRO - 14th World Championship Boat Angling for Clubs in Budva

  • 2023 PORTUGAL - 15th World Championship


4. Worldchampionships Light Tackle Boat Angling

  • 2020 cancelled
  • 2021 cancelled
  • 2022 SOUTH AFRICA - 1st World Championship Light tackle Boat Angling in Mosselbay from 12th till 19th March 2022


5. World Championships Shore Angling (Men and Women)

  • 2021 FRANCE - 37th World Championship Seniors and 28th World Championship Ladies - from 11th till 18th September 2021 in La Tremblade pdf Download

  • 2022 TUNESIA - 38th World Championship Seniors and 29th World Championship Ladies - Hammamet Tunesia

  • 2023 ITALY - 39th World Championship Seniors and 30th World Championship Ladies

  • *** 2024 CANDIDATE SPAIN - 40th World Championship Seniors and 31th World Championship Ladies

  • *** 2024 CANDIDATE NETHERLAND - 40th World Championship Seniors and 31th World Championship Ladies

  • *** 2025 CANDIDATE PORTUGAL - 41th World Championship Seniors and 32th World Championship Ladies

  • *** 2026 CANDIDATE BRAZIL - 42th World Championship Seniors and 33th World Championship Ladies


6. World Championships Shore Angling  (Youth U16 - U21)

  • 2021 IRELAND 29th World Championship Youth, class U16 and 20th Worldchampionship Youth, class U21 from 9th till 16th October in Arklow Co Wicklow

  • 2022 FRANCE 30th World Championship Youth, class U16 and 21st Worldchampionship Youth, class U21

  • 2023 NETHERLAND 31st World Championship Youth, class U16 and 22nd Worldchampionship Youth, class U21

  • *** 2024 CANDIDATE SPAIN 32st World Championship Youth, class U16 and 22nd Worldchampionship Youth, class U21


7. World Championship Shore Angling Clubs

  • 2021 PORTUGAL (F.P.P.D.) 28th World Championship from 23th till 30th October 2021 in Albufeira pdf Download

  • 2022 CYPRUS 29th World Championship from 22th till 29th October 2022

  • 2023 SPAIN 30th World Championship

  • *** 2024 CANDIDATE PORTUGAL 31th World Championship

8. World Championship Shore Angling Masters (over 55)

  • 2021 TUNESIA 4th World Championship for Masters from 11th till 18th December 2021 in Hammamet

  • 2022 ITALY 5th World Championship for Masters

  • 2023 SPAIN 6th World Championship for Masters

  • *** 2024 CANDIDATE CYPRUS - 7th World Championship for Masters


9. World Championship Shore Angling  Pair Angling (Duos)

  • 2021 PORTUGAL 3rd World Championship Shore Angling Pair Angling from 13th till 20th November 2021 in Troia-Grandola

  • 2022 FRANCE 4th World Championship Shore Angling Pair Angling in Mimizan

  • 2023 ITALY 5th World Championship Shore Angling Pair Angling


10. European Championship Float Angling

  • 2021 SPAIN 14th European Championship de Pêche au Flotteur de Bord de Mer 18th to 23rd September 2021 in Gandia (Valencia)

  • 2022 PORTUGAL 15th European Championship de Pêche au Flotteur de Bord de Mer


11. World Championships Big Game Fishing

  • 2021 ITALY - 29th World Championship B.G.F. (Anchored Boat) 18th - 25th September 2021 in Pesaro pdf Download

  • 2022 ITALY - 30th World Championship B.G.F. (Anchored Boat)

  • 2023 MEXICO - 31th World Championship B.G.F. (Trolling)


12. World Championships Long Casting of Sea Weights

  • 2021 ITALY - 23rd World Championship Long Casting of Sea Weights (Seniors) and 7th World Championship Long Casting of Sea Weights (Ladies) 21st - 28th August 2021 in Coltano / Pisa pdf Download

  • 2022 PARAGUAY - 24th World Championship Long Casting of Sea Weights (Seniors) and 8th World Championship Long Casting of Sea Weights (Ladies)

  • *** 2023 CANDIDATE TUNISIA - 25th World Championship Long Casting of Sea Weights (Seniors) and 9th World Championship Long Casting of Sea Weights (Ladies)


Congress C.I.P.S.

      • 2016 - 37th CIPS Congress in Setubal PORTUGAL 14th to 17th April 2016 Pictures
                   General Assembly FIPS-M  15th April 2016

      • 2017 - 38th CIPS Congress in Prague CZECH REPUBLIC 27 - 30 April 2017
                   General Assembly FIPS-M 28 April 2017

      • 2018 - 39th CIPS Congress at Niagarafalls USA 10 - 13 Mayl 2018
                   General Assembly FIPS-M 11 May 2018

      • 2019 - 40th CIPS Congress at Almaty KAZAKHSTAN 2 - 4 May 2019
                   General Assembly FIPS-M 3 May 2019

      • 2020 - 41st CIPS Congress by Video Conference 19 September 2020
                   Online General Assembly FIPS-M 22 August 2020

      • 2021 - 42nd CIPS Congress at Trento ITALY from 30th September till 3rd October 2021


The FIPS/M calendar has been accepted during the FIPS/M General Assembly in Almaty 3rd May 2019
and postponed by one year (due to Covid-19) in April 2020


Luxembourg, 17th April 2020